Parish Round Table

Living in service to all is one of the most dynamic qualities of being a Knight. A unique way for Knights to serve is by helping out in your parish. Council members are invited to extend services to those parishes through an established Parish Round Table in which current member Knights help their parish.
Your pastor would identify the services he requires, and the Parish Round Table Coordinator will then work with members of the parish Round Table and the Council to fulfill his wishes. Operating a parish Round Table is simplified, as there are no elective offices, no regular meetings and no dues are required. The Parish Round Table is designed to lighten your Pastor’s workload, not add to it.
Member Knights in the parish would be asked by the coordinator to assist in carrying out a specific parish project, and if extra support is needed, the council would be asked to aid. This is one good way to confirm the reason you became a Knight and at the same time support your church.

Contact the Round Table Chairman Chris Pugh for details of the round table in your parish contact:

Brother Chris Pugh