St. Anne’s Angels

by Gary Megaffin

The K of C craft carpenters have been busy enhancing a Kitchener parish church. Fr. Ray at St. Anne’s Parish was told by a member of Council 1504 that we have been creating appealing nativity scenes and other Christmas decorations. With his interest sparked, Fr. Ray asked if we could make him a large angel. When the angel project was completed, Fr. Ray liked it so much he asked if the Knights could make four ornaments. So, using his artistry talents, Brother Fernando Melo made him four angels pleasing Fr. Ray. He wanted to compensate Council 1504, but the decorations were presented to St. Anne’s complements of the Kitchener Knights of Columbus. As you enter the church, the angels can be seen adorning each side of the entrance doors.

197 2018 St. Anne's Angels
With thanks to Brother Fernando Melo, the entrance to St. Anne’s Church in Kitchener is adorned with two large angel decorations. With the K of C festive creations appealing to Fr. Ray, Brother Fernando created four large angel ornaments which were recently presented to Fr. Raymond Peter at St. Anne’s Parish.

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