‘Tis The Season

by Gary Megaffin

A wide selection of K of C produced Christmas Nativity Scenes, decorations and, new this year, attractive and festive sculptures, were displayed at the Annual Schwaben Club’s Christmas Bazaar on Sunday November 12. On hand were PGKs Brian Hughes, Reinhart Schreiter, Gerry Kelly and Brian Schmalz, who were accepting sales and fielding inquiries. Overall sales to date have covered the costs of the Bazaar table and the Christkindl Market booth. The exposure of the K of C ornaments at the Bazaar has sparked interest in several potential customers. It’s expected sales of the popular decorations should match or surpass those of last year.

187 2017 Schwaben Club Christmas Bazaar
It’s Christmas time at The Schwaben Club. Four PGKs were busy selling the expanded inventory of the K of C festive decorations and sculptures at their 2017 Christmas Bazaar. From l to r, Gerry Kelly, Brian Hughes, Brian Schmalz and Reinhart Schreiter.

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